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writing and editing services

Editors help you clarify, reorganize, streamline, rephrase, fine-tune, 
and shine. A good editor conveys your ideas to your 
audience seamlessly and effectively.

I follow the Professional Editorial Standards set out by the Editors’ Association of Canada, and I offer the following editing services:

Developmental/Project Editing
Managing a project from a proposal or rough draft through to the final manuscript, which may include working with multiple authors and other stakeholders.

Structural/Substantive Editing
Clarifying and reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure, which may include moving sections or chapters so the manuscript follows a logical flow.

Stylistic Editing 
Ensuring that meaning is clear, removing jargon, polishing sentence structure, and ensuring language is appropriate for the target audience. May include rewriting content in plain language.

Copy Editing 
Ensuring that grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style are correct; ensuring consistency of mechanics and facts.

Writers make your communication dynamic, professional, and compelling. A good writer 
helps you say what you mean clearly and concisely.

Need help with some writing work? I am a skilled non-fiction writer. My writing experience includes the following:

  •    •   Executive Summaries
  •    •   Fact Sheets
  •    •   Guidelines
  •    •   Plain Language
  •    •   Position Statements
  •    •   Project Charters
  •    •   Proposals
  •    •   Reports
  •    •   Research Articles
  •    •   Strategic Plans
  •    •   Website Content

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In addition to writing and editing services, I also offer the following communications services:Robot hand holding a petri dish with colonies of bacteria and fungi.

  •    •   Project management (research, development, team management, etc.)
  •    •   Coaching (writing coach, developing revision workplans, etc.)
  •    •   Production editing for academic, medical, and scientific publications
  •    •   Research and fact-checking
  •    •   Speaking/training on communications topics and networking

Don’t see what you need here? Please contact me with questions about your specific project.